About us


Your trusted partner for reliability

We are a leading metal stamping producer with many years of experience. Mikrostyk is a family business, strongly rooted in the local community, where 3 generations of employees already work.

We make the metal components by stamping, punching and laser cutting from steel, aluminium, bronze and brass.

Metal stamping; mikrostyk
Metal stamping; mikrostyk

Our mission

Mikrostyk wants to be the partner of 1st choice in the field of metalworking. We want to be a reliable advisor of the best production solutions in the selection of the optimal manufacturing technology in relation to the price, effectively and efficiently implement production orders using lean manufacturing practices.

Everything we do must be in line with the values we stand for as a family-generation company:


Taking care of the natural environment so that future generations of our employees have air to breathe.


Ensuring that the principles of ethics and respect for another person are always in the first place in relations between the employee - colleague - employer.


Taking care of sustainable development together so that future generations can benefit from all its resources.


Metal stamping; mikrostyk

Promote the use of automation of production processes both in the area of production process supervision, assembly and 100% control.
Be the no. 1 or 2 supplier for each of our key customers operating in the following sectors: automotive TRl, electrical industry, consumer electronics, lighting industry, battery, home appliance and other.
Act according to Kaizen philosophy in everyday business activities.
Develop the “Mikrostyk Knowledge Academy” to make our know how expand constantly.


Maintain a competitive level of production costs.
Focus on customers who are looking for providers of mass production on progressive tools and offer them solutions of turret punch presses, press brakes and laser for other low volume products.
Offer our customers comprehensive services from designing the tools and their manufacture, through the production of components on presses, CNC presses, laser, galvanic treatment, washing and drying of components using the vacuum method, and encourage our customers to entrust us with further stages of assembly of the obtained component, using solutions for automatization.

Metal stamping; mikrostyk

Quality Policy

Mikrostyk's primary goal is customer satisfaction.
In order to maintain and develop the trust we gained, Mikrostyk wants to:

  • Deliver products of quality expected by the customer;
  • Reduce costs of manufacturing products;
  • Strengthen and expand market position;
  • Improve organization and processes;
  • Constantly improve the quality management system;
  • Raise the qualifications of employees;
  • Base on the value of socially responsible business in every step of activity.

Metal stamping; mikrostyk

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make sure that Mikrostyk's contribution is significant and qualitative.

Mikrostyk is an award-winning employer and a company that engages in the social and ecological projects. We are open to not only business. We create cross-sector relation which we successfully implement in partnership with educational institutions and NGO institutions also running the Mikrostyk Foundation ourselves.

  • Long-term relationships
  • Social sensitivity
  • Innovation in CSR

Mikrostyk Academy

We have been working closely with the technical school in Gniew for many years. We participate in creating classes, we develope of apprenticeships programs and topics for theoretical classes.

Classes are planned in such a way that the acquired qualifications meet the needs of the employer and prepare the student for the profession in the most realistic terms possible.

Metal stamping; mikrostyk

Cooperation with educational institution

  • Development of local talents
  • Promotion of automation as the profession of the future
  • Building an innovative education system combining theory and practice

In 2019, on our initiative a new course of study was created at the ZSP school in Gniew - automation technician. The rooms for practical classes were equipped from Mikrostyk funds. Our employees have acquired qualifications to conduct apprenticeships in the field of automation, so that our students can use reliable practical knowledge.

Metal stamping; mikrostyk

Over 60 years of history

We are a company with a rich tradition and history. It was established in 1957 as Gniewskie Zakłady Podzespółów Radiowych, which over the next forty years was transformed into MIKROSTYK S.A. in 1998 which continues to operate in this form to this day.