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Mikrostyk S.A. is the leading metal stamping producer with over 25 years experience. We produce metal components for: consumer electronics, automotive industry, lighting, home appliances, and engineering industry.

Mikrostyk offer includes:
Stamping and punching in steel, aluminum, bronze or brass.

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A socially responsible company

Regardless of whether we are talking about business, implementation for clients of social activities or cooperation with the inhabitants of the region- we make sure that the Mikrostyk impact is significant and qualitativ.
Mikrostyk and its employees come from Kociewie, we use this environment on daily base (people , resources ) to run our business and for that reason we also want to work for the benefit of the local community.
We do it through MIKROSTYK STATION FOUNDATION: Promote culture and integration after work, gathering people around new ideas U-Bijou Project, patron of innovative ideas, regular participation in all kind of local initiatives.

Quality Policy

Mikrostyk's primary goal is customer satisfaction.

In order to maintain the trust we gained and further continue to improve it, Mikrostyk wants to:

  • deliver products of quality expected by the customer
  • reduce costs of manufacturing products
  • strengthen and expand market position
  • improve organization and processes
  • constantly improve the quality management system
  • raise the qualifications of employees
  • base on the value of socially responsible business in every area of activity

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Mikrostyk wishes to be a supplier of metal components and equipment, which improve the production processes for consumers in the consumer electronics, automotive, electrical, lighting and furniture industries, by offering products of the quality required by the customer at the lowest possible cost, applying the principle of continuous improvement of the organization and its processes. We want to pursue our objectives with respect to ethical and environmental principles and on the basis ofthe competence and experience of our employees.

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  • Maintain a competitive level of production costs
  • Focus on customers looking for providers of products who deal with mass production on progressive tools and offer them Solutions on turret punch presses and press brakes for other Iow volume products.
  • Provide customers with comprehensive services rangingfrom tool design and execution through component production on presses and galvanic machining to fuli customer logistics.
  • Promote the application of production process automation for both our production customers and our external customers
  • Be the no. 1 or 2 supplierfor each of our key customers operating in the following sectors: automotive TRl, electrical industry, consumer electronics, lighting industry.
  • Act accordingto Kaizen philosophy in everyday business activities
  • Consistently pursue the objectives of M i krosty k's Social Responsibility Strategy
  • Develop the ``Mikrostyk knowledge academy``to make our ``know how`` expand constantly

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