Automation of production processes as a complement to the offer of metal stamping

Mikrostyk and MADevice: Synergy of Metal Stamping and automatization

Mikrostyk, known for its expertise in metal stamping, has been supplying high-quality components to a wide range of industries for years, including lighting, household appliances, batteries, automotive, storage systems, security systems, electrical devices, and electronics. What sets Mikrostyk apart from the competition is its unique partnership with the MADevice brand, which allows the company to offer clients not only stamped parts but also advanced solutions in production automation.


Collaboration between stamping and automatization - benefits for the customer

MADevice, a brand established in 2011 as part of Mikrostyk, specializes in the automation and optimization of production processes. MADevice designs and builds automatic, manual, and semi-automatic devices for various production processes such as assembly, transport, quality control, surface treatment, riveting, marking, foiling, and many others. This collaboration enables Mikrostyk to offer its clients comprehensive solutions that go far beyond standard metal stamping services.

tloczenie metalu; automatyzacja; elementy metalowe
madevice; tleczenie; elementy metalowe; automatyzacja

Comprehensive approach to customer needs

Thanks to the synergy between Mikrostyk and MADevice, clients can rely on comprehensive support throughout the entire production process. Here is an example scenario of their collaboration:



Design, tooling and stamping parts

Mikrostyk, utilizing its experience and modern technologies, designs tools and stamps metal parts according to client specifications. These products can be intended for a wide range of applications, from lighting fixtures to security systems.


Production Automation

Next, MADevice steps in, designing and implementing automatic, manual, or semi-automatic production systems, which can include assembly, transport, quality control, surface treatment, riveting, marking, foiling, and other processes on the produced components. These are processes that the client must apply in the subsequent stages of the final product. Each solution is tailored to the specific needs of the client, ensuring optimal efficiency and production quality.

Quality control and optimization

With advanced quality control systems designed by MADevice, clients can be confident that each component meets the highest standards. Automating these processes minimizes the risk of errors and increases production efficiency.

montaż_automatyczny; tloczenie elementy metalowe; automatyzacja

Mikrostyk and MADevice operate according to the highest quality standards, as confirmed by ISO 9001, IATF, and ISO 14001 certifications. These certifications demonstrate the company's commitment to maintaining the highest production and environmental management standards, which is crucial for long-term customer satisfaction and sustainable development.


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