Corporate Social Responsibility

We make sure that the Mikrostyk impact is significant and qualitative.

Mikrostyk is an award-winning employer and a company that engages in social and ecological projects. We are open to not only business. We create cross-sector relations, which we successfully implement in partnership with educational institutions and NGO institutions also running the Mikrostyk Foundation ourselves.

  • Long-term relationships
  • Social sensitivity
  • Innovation in CSR

Upcycled jewelry U-BIJOU

Jewelry from waste is our joint initiative that we are proud of. These are the next steps on the way to improve our workplace, build a strong organization friendly to everyone.

Brass rings which remained in the container as waste from a mechanical press became an inspiration for a new idea. The first few unusual projects have been created with the help of an artist. The first samples went beyond our expectations. The use of several inconspicuous elements and the creative processing of waste from industrial production resulted in the formation of a special brand U-Bijou Project (upcycled bijou by Mikrostyk).

Corporate Social Responsibility; mikrostyk

Mikrostyk Station

The melting pot

The Mikrostyk Station Foundation in cooperation with local NGOs has created an innovative cultural project for employees of our company and the entire local community.

This place is unique for region scale. We offer here drinks and snacks and live music from a professionally equipped stage. The cultural events are held here; concerts, workshops, family picnics and integration events.

The Mikrostyk Station is made of containers, it has been open every summer since 2019, since then we have organized dozens of cultural events.





Decarbonization Strategy

Our strategy assumes a number of activities according to scope 1 and 2, which we declare to implement by the end of 2025.


Our activities focus on monitoring the carbon footprint, changing production processes to less energy-intensive ones, achieving energy independence, reducing the consumption of resources (heat, water), reducing dust and gases released into the atmosphere and other activities in accordance with ISO 14001.

Corporate Social Responsibility; mikrostyk; iso14001
Corporate Social Responsibility; mikrostyk
Corporate Social Responsibility; mikrostyk