How to improve cost of metal stamping process

For sure, it’s a MUST to every company to find a way of improving process that will give a WIN – WIN situation for both sides. Why, the answer it’s very simple, because the competition never sleeps. We all must find a way how to cut down the costs.

During last few years, we have observed a new tendency of our Customers to implement a new product with pre-painted materials. Steel or galvanized pre-painted material was always a choice, but for sure it’s not something new. However recently, we have launched a new product with pre-painted aluminum, but coating it’s performed only on 1 side. For sure, it was a challenge to find suitable supplier that will fulfil our data and will also be supportive for us with technical point of view.

Brak alternatywnego tekstu dla tego zdjęcia

The other quite important point was to find a proper oil for stamping process in order not to destroy coated area. It’s a long time consuming process, but we have learned a lot. To be more precise, technical team has decided to choose an oil that it’s quite sticky, but it wasn’t a bottle neck of the process for us. Mikrostyk is equipped in the device called “VACUUM – CAST 4000 / midi” dedicated for washing, degreasing and drying metal elements in a closed vacuum system. We have a possibility to wash any kind of the material, thickness or shape of parts & at the same time present cleanliness test provided by certified body.

No doubts, these actions it gives us a huge opportunity to develop new projects for our current as well as new Customers, but also to present a cost reduction in the process by eliminating painting process as a second operation in the production process. Every Customer is sensitive in terms of piece price, but the overall result it is quite interesting, because it gives reduction of average 20% per element, of course depending on choice of raw material. I honestly believe, it was worth it.

This project has entered a new gate to increase our competences and professional approach to technical issues, but on the other side has shown our engagement in the project as well as trust that we are able to prove it in the project management stage. These are the factors that makes us a unique supplier for our Customers of different branches like automotive, lightening, electric and white goods ?.

Agnieszka Brogaard, KAM Mikrostyk