Metal stamping on presses with the Llink motion drive

Link motion systems in Mikrostyk presses: Revolutionizing metal stamping and metal parts production


In today's metal processing industry, where maximizing efficiency and quality is a priority, technologies like Link Motion systems play a crucial role. Mikrostyk, a leader in metal parts production, successfully implements these innovative solutions in its metal stamping presses. They not only enhance the quality of products but also increase the durability and efficiency of the machines, translating into significant benefits for the entire production process.

Advantages of link motion systems in metal stamping

One of the main advantages of Link Motion systems is their ability to increase the speed of the slide return without needing to increase forming speeds. Thanks to the unique mechanism, Mikrostyk presses can perform more work cycles in less time, which is invaluable in the rapidly evolving industry of metal parts production. The implementation of this technology allows for higher productivity without compromising the quality of the final products.
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Longer machine life due to reduced mechanical impact

The use of Link Motion systems significantly extends the life of both dies and presses. This mechanism reduces impacts, shocks, heat, and vibrations at the bottom dead center (BDC), which is crucial for the frequent use of machines. As a result, the metal parts produced by Mikrostyk are not only of high quality but their production is also more economical and less taxing on equipment.

Improved part quality and finish

Another area where link motion drive benefits are evident is in the improvement of part quality and finish. The reduced slide velocity at critical moments of the process allows for more precise forming, which is particularly important when manufacturing complex metal parts. This technology also enables a metal flow increase of up to 40%, which is beneficial in applications requiring shallow stamping or reduction of material springback.
Thus, link motion systems are revolutionizing the metal stamping process. By adopting these modern solutions, Mikrostyk not only raises the standards of metal parts production but also enhances its market competitiveness. Through these systems, the company can offer its clients higher precision and quality products, which is invaluable in today's market realities.