The intelligent straightening machine - Mikrostyk

🔹We produce many metal parts for which an important quality requirement is to obtain the proper flatness of the product.
The operations performed on the progressive tool such as punching, bending and stamping require adequate flatness of the metal strip entering the tool. But there are for some metal components strip with a flatness close to zero is not appropriate, so it is preferably to introduce the metal strip into the tool with a specific flatness deviation.

🔹Due to the tolerance of the flatness of the finished product, it is desirable to obtain the appropriate flatness of the metal strip entering the tool with a narrowed tolerance as much as possible. Hence the idea for ​​a straightener that gives the strip a certain flatness within the specified tolerance.
These parameters should be variable, adjusted to the quality requirements and processing conditions of a given finished product.

🔹The search for a suitable straightener on the market ended in a fiasco, because such a straightener does not exist. So we decided to create it ourselves. Our project was submitted to the competition announced by the National Center for Research and Development and we have received funding.
🔹After 3 years thorough the research and testing, the straightening machine has already been implemented on the Mikrostyk production line.
The project is created in cooperation with MADevice and Poznan University of Technology


The intelligent straightening machine

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