We are experts in metal stamping

mass production


Metal stamping is our basic service and our key competence.
We maintain the stability of the process and keep the very restrictive requirements regarding the assumed drawing tolerances. Our offer is also complemented by the internal toolshop, galvanic services and automated assembly processes.




We produce according to the customer specification from any kind of metal material: steel, aluminum, brass, bronze.

Tool shop

We design and build the tools where we are be able to produce even the most sophisticated components in millions of quantities.




High standards

We develop the documentation in accordance with the highest standards, prepare APQ, documentation for PPAP approval, complete IMDS.


Metal stamping


We make sure that our extensive machine park is constantly modernized. As a result we have the equipment that allows us to produce products with a thickness of 0.1 to 6 mm and a width up to 1000 mm. The components we produce reach a maximum length up to 5000 mm.

from 0,1 to 6 mm

Thickness of manufactured components


1000 mm

Width of produced components

5000 mm

Length of produced components

Our machine park:

  • high-speed presses of high-production (with a productivity of up 400 strokes per minute), eccentric, crank and double-crank, hydraulic, CNC punching & bending which are characterized by pressure from 2.5 to 500 tonnes
  • 18 lines for stamping and punching (which allow to install the tools on the table of maximum size 3100 x 2100 mm)
  • CNC press brake of bending length up to 3000 mm
  • CNC punching press with the surface area of punching of 1000 x 2500 mm (but in the reposition up to 5000 mm)
  • laser
  • milling plotters
  • saws for cutting aluminum section
  • assembling and testing devices



The extensive tool shop department

Designing and manufacturing of the tools

Our tool shop is fully equipped with the specialized CNC machines, wire machines, grinders, milling and turning machines with very high accuracy.

We produce high-precision tools from the single-module to progressive stamping tools with dimensions of up to 3 meters and a weight of 8 tons.

All processes are supervised by engineers with many years of experience as well as qualified technologists and project managers.





We implement an innovative process that uses a system of additional protections in the form of skew sensors for tools making components from a band of 0.5-1 mm, 2-5 mm. This system makes it possible to an automatically stop of the press when an undesirable object  could pose a potential risk of damaging the tool which enters to the working area.

We consistently eliminate the paper documentation in the production department. That is why we equip all workstations with the touch screens equipped with  barcode readers. All instructions, control plans, block diagrams are displayed on the monitors - all necessary knowledge about the production process of the element that the operator will produce.

Self-adjusting straighteners on the periphery of our presses - in our MADevice automation department, we build straighteners equipped with a system for measuring the flatness of the metal strip at the exit of the straightener and a station for quick verification of the flatness of the product produced from the strip immediately after leaving the tool at the workstation.


Sample products