Intelligent tools security system

We have developed together with our partner in the field of automation and industrial electronics an intelligent system for detecting unknown objects in the area of ​​the production tool. The new prevention system was a major technological challenge of detecting a change in the cross-cut parameter of the tool by a size comparable to that of a sheet of paper and, as a consequence of the discrepancy detected to immediately stop the production process, which proceeds at speeds of up to 140 bleeds per minute. Our goal is to significantly increase the safety of tools and to reduce the costs associated with major breakdowns of dies, which at the moment remain vulnerable to a number of damages associated with micro shifts and physical contact with the material remaining after machining. At present, the prototype system has been installed on one press and we have equipped two production tools with a set of sensors. If the implementation is successful, we plan to additionally equip five presses with a tool monitoring system in 2019 and arm a group of key tools for us and our customers with it.