New investments

There is new equipment added to the CNC Punching & Bending Area, the Tool Shop, and to the Galvanic Department.

Punching & Bending Area is equipped with a new CNC controlled hydraulic press brake with a pressure power of 100 t with a maximum bending length of 3050 mm.


To satisfy the toolshop needs, the hardening department was equipped with additional hardening furnaces. Having at our disposal such furnaces significantly reduces the time needed to repair a tool in case of malfunction.


A new galvanic bathtub and a tool used to nickel-plate steel and cast-iron parts, were placed in Galvanic Department. A modern DELTASCOPE has arrived to the laboratory. It is a device measuring the thickness of non-magnetic coatings, on steel or cast-iron substrates, by using the magnetic induction that doesn’t bring any damage to the part’s coating.