New production area

The new production area was created due to the necessity of being able to provide our Customers with the full solution in terms of  the sheet metal processing (prototypes, small quantities, budget restraint expenditures on NRE costs, softtools…)

  • We work on rotary punch presses and bending machines – thanks to which we are able to process all types of materials and profile shapes.
  • We handle metal sheets: carbonsteel, stainlesssteel, aluminium, bronze, brass, cooper as well as other alloys, plastic…
  • Our production processes are designed and realized basing on CAD/CAM
  • Our equipment allows us to work with metal sheets of 0.5 to 6 mm thick within the scope of machining axes X, Y 1250 mm x 2500 mm, the range of machining X, Y, Y, one repositioning 5000 mm, positioning accuracy +/-0.1.

Full use of the new production hall allowed us to increase the capacity of the entire mechanical department and it enabled to concentrate the production on conventional presses in one area and new location of CNC presses.