Season’s Greetings

Dear Colleagues,
By tradition, along with the upcoming Christmas, I would like to thank you for another year of consistent and rapid development of our organisation through common projects we realise. I have said it many times already, but I have to repeat it once again – without your trust nothing would be possible. I am glad that we have created solid ground to face next challenge which is Industrial Revolution 4:0. Innovation becomes the foundation for oncoming changes. To shorten distance resulting from technological changes in our customers, we will strive for EU grants in the field of R&D, we will significantly modernise our IT system so that we can focus on preventive systems maximally and optimise production processes. We plan further dynamic exchange of machines. In parallel we will pursue our CSR strategy with increasing attention and implement environmental certification. It’s all to be not only „expert in metal stamping” but also to be your preferred partner throughout the product life cycle.

On behalf of our entire company, I wish you warm and family Christmas and successfull 2017.


Bartlomiej Anusiak