Eigener Werkzeugbau

Design und Bau der Werkzeuge


Designing and manufacturing of the tools

The extensive tool shop department

Our tool shop is fully equipped with the specialized CNC machines, wire and sinking machines, grinders, milling and turning machines with very high accuracy.

We produce high-precision tools, from the single-module to progressive stamping tools with dimensions of up to 3 meters and a weight of 8 tons.

All processes are supervised by engineers with many years of experience, as well as qualified technologists and project managers.

Metal stamping


Our machine park:



  • specialized CNC machines (3D CNC 3 Axis milling machines, wire and sinking machines)
  • milling machines
  • turning machines
  • high precision grinders

Professional software:

  • NX CAD
  • NX CAM
  • Solid Edge CAD 3D
  • We accept documentation in the following file extensions: stp, dwg, igs, step, dxf, ipt, idw, iam