New automated bending station


Automated bending: Repeatability, Efficiency, Quality

We've equipped our CNC cutting, punching and metal bending department with modern Fanuc robots. The first device was installed in December along with a new Durma edge press.

Our robotic bending stations operate continuously, maintaining consistent and high quality. Even after many hours of operation, the robot still provides perfect accuracy and repeatability.




robot_robotyzacja_ciecie_giecie_metalu_mikrostyk_metal_stamping-CNC Cutting; Punching; Metal Bending
robotyzacja_metak_Stamping_cnc_bending_mikrostyk_robot_CNC Cutting; Punching; Metal Bending

Key parameters of the robot and bending process:

  • Robot movement repeatability with an accuracy of ±0.03 mm;
  • Payload: 35 kg;
  • Stabilization of the bended component at peripheral stations between bends;
  • Modern edge press with a force of 40 tons and a bending length of 2050 mm;
  • Project implementation time: 2 - 4 weeks.



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robotyzacja_ciecie_metalu-tloczenie_metalu_mikrostyk_CNC Cutting; Punching; Metal Bending

CNC Cutting, Punching, and Metal Bending

We perform CNC cutting and bending of sheets made from various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, as well as other alloys and plastics.

We specialize in the production of metal parts using CNC cutting and punching methods, ideal for short production runs without the need for additional tool investments.

We offer rapid project progress, from the finalization of the design to the receipt of the first samples. We design the production process using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software.

We develop documentation according to the highest standards, prepare APQ and PPAP documentation for approval, and also handle the filling out of IMDS.