Galvanization is a technique that allows to apply galvanic coatings on different kinds of materials. Its the biggest asset is the ability to obtain a perfectly uniform and smooth coating. Achieving this level of quality is unavailable for varnishing or other methods of covering surfaces. The goal of galvanization is achieving a coat which will protect the object f. e. against corrosion.


We render 3 types of galvanic coatings (zinc, tin and nickel):

  • Nickelizing in semi-automatic barreling devices (PUB)
  • Zink plating (electro-zinc coating) in semi-automatic barreling devices (PUB) and in plating tanks with removable cathode
  • Zink plating in plating tanks with removable cathode and with bobbin case

We render the congeneric process of galvanization, among them:

  • electrochemical (degreasing of stainless steel)
  • chemical (degreasing details made of steel and aluminum)
  • preparation (etching, deburring details of stainless steel, degreasing)
  • finish (chrome plating, it means blue thin-layer and thick-layer passivation


There are two main reasons. Firstly, we have at our disposal specialized equipment which allows to realize even the most complicated orders. Secondly, we are cooperating with demanding clients from industries such as:

  • telecommunications
  • automotive
  • lighting
  • electronics
  • Electrotechnical
  • producing equipment for households

Having your own galvanizing plant constitutes our advantage over other companies in the industry. The galvanizing plant perfectly cooperates with the stamping plant and the tool-shop. Thanks to that it is possible to cut costs and to provide better logistic services.

As a result, we can provide our services cheaper and faster. In addition, our galvanizing plant meets extremely elevated environmental standards.


On the list of devices which form the equipment of our galvanizing plant there are:

  • 4 semi-automatic barreling devices for tinning (allowing for a single input up to 50 kg)
  • semi-automatic barreling device for nickel plating (single input up to 50 kg)
  • galvanic calyx for nickel plating
  • immersion galvanic barrel for zinc coating (single input up to 2 kg)
  • immersion galvanic barrel for tin plating (single input up to 2 kg)
  • 3 plating tanks for zinc coating
  • 2 plating tanks for tin plating
  • 2 device vibro-abrasive
  • 2 hardening furnaces
  • plating tank for aluminum degreasing
  • 2 etching chambers
  • 2 driers for drying details
  • plating tanks for details’ oxidizing

Highly professional laboratory equipment completes the list above and among them it should be mentioned:

  • Spectrophotometer Hach Lange
  • Mineralizer Hach Lange
  • Voltameter (coulometer) Fiszer to measure the coatings’ thickness


We also have hardening plant at our disposal. Thanks to that we can obtain the desired firmness of workpieces. The quality of this process (firmness of details) is being monitored with a special sclerometer.

10 reasons why you should contact us:

  • 25 years of experience in metal stamping services
  • Our own tool-shop
  • experienced staff in advanced metal stamping
  • Well-equipped machine park
  • Competitive prices
  • Stamping, welding, fusion, bending
  • Our own galvanizing plant
  • Automation of production lines
  • 100% of Polish capital
  • The quality system IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015