Mikrostyk’s new Customers

We are proud to annouce that we have widen Our Customers portfolio with DTW and Tyco Electronics, resulting in new projects within electroenergetic and electronics industries.
DTW sp.z o.o. specializes in electronic, electrotechnic and electroenergetic industries. The company produces wide range of induction components from measurement elements such as transformers to transformators and reactors, often occuring as complex inductive blocks containing solutions for energoelectronic transformers. Mikrostyk, as a new DTW supplier manufactures metal parts for fotovoltanic devices.

Tyco Electronics is the World biggest producer of passive electronic and electric parts, such as adapters, wire endings, resistors, heat shrinkable parts, special cables and wires, fiber optic components and relays. Tyco Electronics products are found in every branch of industry – from electronics to automotive, railway industry, telecommunication, household and appliances, or machine industry to energetics. First Mikrostyk’s project for Tyco Electronics was manufacturing metal parts to co0mputer D-Sub plugs.