Additional processes - Tool shop, galvanizing, automatization

Tool Shop

We create customized tools and elements on request. We handle the whole process from design to execution: tailor-made tools are developed from simple to the most technologically advanced:

  • simple solutions for press brakes and punching presses
  • dies
  • benders
  • punches
  • metal forming tools
  • large-scale progressive tools with the ability of automatic


We cooperate only with certified suppliers of equipment and material. In our work we use proven production techniques as well as specialized software NX CAD, NX CAM, Solid Edge, CAD 3D.


Galvanizing Plant

We render 3 types of galvanic coatings (zinc, tin and nickel):

  • Nickelizing in semi-automatic barreling devices (PUB)
  • Zink plating (electro-zinc coating) in semi-automatic barreling devices (PUB) and in plating tanks with removable cathode
  • Zink plating in plating tanks with removable cathode and with bobbin case


We render the congeneric process of galvanization, among them:

  • electrochemical聽
  • chemical聽
  • preparation聽
  • finish聽

Degreasing and drying in a vacuum chamber

The maintenance-free device for washing, degreasing and drying metal details in a vacuum chamber

  • Industrial washer ensures high health & safety standards with better quality of our products and process efficiency.
  • Environment-friendly device – in terms of cleaning agents use, emission of vapour into the atmosphere, or a minimum amount of washing liquid in waste.


In terms of assembly our company carries out:

  • welding and combining different materials operations, performed in semi-automatic or automatic cycle
  • fixing the insert (riveting)
  • clamping operations in semi-automatic cycles

Mikrostyk is also experienced in making electrodes and assembly jigs

Automatization of productin processes

MADevice is a part of Mikrostyk’s company. We specialize in designing and implementing of special purpose machinery and equipment as well as manual operator-controlled gauges (MCG typed). Our solutions are non-serial products precisely matched to client needs, created to achieve high performance at the lowest financial effort, shorten production cycle, lower employment costs and reduce scrap or production waste quantity.

Sales Department

Our specialists provide you with more information and create an offer for you:

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