Modern acoustic dampeners in production halls

As a leading manufacturer of metal components and an expert in metal stamping, we care about the comfort of our crew. We have entered the final stage of installing modern acoustic dampeners in our production halls. This initiative is an expression not only of our continuous effort to improve working conditions but also of building positive relations with the local community.

Our old sound barriers, which over the years have become coated with oil and dust, are being replaced by new dampeners, as we must ensure the best possible conditions for concentration during the metal cutting and stamping process ;).

The installation of these new sound dampeners marks the culmination of a series of investments that the company has made over the past few years to ensure the best possible working conditions. Our commitment to continuous improvement does not end at this stage, as we are already planning further enhancements.

Check out the video from the stage of installing the dampeners:


The Importance of Modern Acoustic Traps in the Metal Stamping Industry

The metal stamping industry, known for its intensity, generates significant levels of noise, which are not only bothersome but also harmful to health. Work on presses for stamping metal components, tool production, etc., is particularly noisy, with machine sounds often exceeding safe noise levels. Prolonged exposure to such conditions can lead to hearing damage, increased stress, and other health problems for workers.

The installation of modern acoustic traps, specially designed sound dampeners, is becoming a key element in noise management in these work environments. Modern noise damping technologies enable effective mitigation of unwanted sounds, improving comfort and safety in our stamping  and CNC punching and cutting departments.

Acoustic traps not only minimize noise levels to acceptable standards but also contribute to improving the overall atmosphere at the workplace. This allows employees to focus on their tasks without additional burdens, which also translates into efficiency and quality of work.

Furthermore, noise reduction positively affects relationships with the local community, minimizing complaints and conflicts related to disturbances in the peaceful life of the area. In an era of growing ecological and social awareness, companies increasingly recognize the benefits of investing in modern acoustic solutions, which are as important for the sustainable development of the industry as they are for the well-being of employees and residents.

Thus, installing modern acoustic traps in the metal stamping industry is not only a matter of protecting the health of workers but also an element of building a responsible and sustainable business.