Decarbonization strategy 2022-2025

Since 2022, Mikrostyk has been ardently implementing a carbon reduction strategy with the ambitious goal of minimizing our environmental footprint. For a metal stamping and metal bending and punching manufacturer this is a significant challenge. The processes of metal stamping, cutting and bending are energy-intensive, which we continuously optimize and improve. We set clear targets to reduce our CO2 emissions, aiming for a 10% reduction in 2022 and 15% in 2023. Not only did we meet these goals, but we significantly surpassed them, achieving a 17% reduction in 2022 and an impressive 22% in 2023!

metal stamping; metal stamping producer; metal components

Looking ahead, our goal is bold but clear: to reduce our emissions by 50% by the end of 2025 relative to our 2021 levels. We believe in the success of this plan, consistently incorporating environmental management into our company’s DNA.

metal stamping, metal components, metal cutting

As part of our strategy, we installed photovoltaic panels and energy-efficient lighting in our production halls (metal stamping, metal components packaging, tool production, CNC punching and bending, assembly, etc). We introduced a system for precise measurement of energy-intensive processes throughout the plant. We also underwent an energy efficiency audit, and are continuously replacing production processes with more energy-efficient ones. Such as heating galvanic baths in our galvanizing plant. We also took care of the thermal insulation of buildings, starting with the metal stamping department and successively modernizing insulation in other departments, and are implementing a heat recovery system in our production halls. We are optimizing deliveries to customers, and plan to replace our corporate fleet with electric vehicles in the near future. Detailed information about our CO2 emission reduction strategy can be found here.

Thanks to these actions, as a manufacturer specializing in metal stamping and metal cutting, our stamping plant continues to strive to be a leader in sustainable development.

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