New MADevice Project

Do you recognize these characters?

They are the heroes of all crash tests in the world. Thanks to their hard and very dangerous work, driving a car becomes much safer. MADevice was invited to create a project that this time will take care of their safety. Our new device for the car industry customer is checking if the component, which is the barrier (in three versions: full, with glass, with lattice) passes the endurance test. The test consists of the fact that at a given time the appropriate force is used on the material in order to determine how much its surface will be distorted. The most important components in this process are the strain gauge and servo drive. The device on the operator’s panel displays demo test results on graphs in the XY axis (time/force and distance/force) and generates excel files with the data record every 100 ms.

Endurance tests will show if structural changes are needed in a given component.